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NEST ONE, a non-profit association, was born in 2010 from a desire for human sharing throughout the world, 

through cultural socio/educational actions.

The End to End program born in 2011,

recognized as being of general interest,

connects two populations separated by almost 20,000 km,

located from one end of the earth to the other.

In 2023, faced with the illness of our artistic director,

we decide to share again till the end of the world,

to create, exchange, make people understand, accept...

Bipolarity, from one end to the other of emotions.

A new great human and artistic adventure.



Your tax-free donations

66% for individuals, 60% for businesses

directly on the amount of your next income tax

The tax reduction is 66% of the amount of donations for individuals, 60% for businesses.

The reduction applies up to 20% of taxable income.

It can be done in cash or in donations.
A tax reduction that is too significant can be spread over 5 years.

Example (for an individual):

For a donation of €100 

You are entitled to atax reduction of: €66 (€100 x 66%).

Your donation will therefore only cost you 34 euros (instead of the 100 paid)

How to do?

Upon receipt of your donation, we will send you a tax receipt.which will be used for your next income tax return.


Merci pour votre envoi !

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